Numerous Tapfiliate clients mentioned they’d be interested in trying to get more affiliates into their program via an affiliate network.

We’re working on making this possible via Tapfiliate’s integration with Admitad’s network of 800,000 affiliates.

We are currently recruiting a small group of beta testers for this new feature. You get early access to the new functionality, while agreeing to send us feedback and help fine-tune the feature.

What is this feature about?

The integration will give you an opportunity to place your Tapfiliate program in the Admitad Affiliate Network’s catalog where it will be available to 800K publishers/affiliates. Any of them may choose to promote your brand or product(s) on their website or social channels.

You will have a chance to get significantly more word-of-mouth for your brand, and you only pay for the results: real conversions approved by you (just like it works in your current affiliate program).

Do you need to pay extra for this feature?

While in beta, you don’t need to pay for this feature. You only pay affiliate commission for conversions generated via Admitad’s network (like you always pay your affiliate commission).

Later when the feature goes public, we may offer it for an extra fee (this is something yet to decide). So this beta program is a great chance for you to get more sales, estimate the value of this feature for your business, for free - while helping us to fine-tune it.

We will take care of everything: no setup needed on your end

You will not have to make any additional integrations or solve technical problems - we’ll take care of everything.


The private beta phase will start in September, but we will begin setting you up in early August.

Limited small group of beta testers

We have limited space in this first beta phase, so it is possible that some applications will not be admitted to the program at this stage.

Admission criteria

Because this is a beta stage, some things are still not automated. For example, we will set up your program in Admitad’s network manually. There are a few other things that we will ask you to do manually, and it is important that you agree/have a possibility to do it:

  • You will need to sign (online) an agreement with Admitad to use their network. Admitad’s legal team will send you this agreement for signing.

  • For all conversions that will happen via Admitad’s network, you will need to pay commissions to Admitad, which will then distribute commissions to its affiliates. You need to be able to transfer this sum to Admitad’s bank account in Germany (in Euro or USD).

  • Conversions from Admitad Network have an approval period of 45 days from the date of conversion registration. At the end of the approval period the conversion statuses are finalized. Conversions that are still pending approval on day 45 are automatically set to approved. You need to agree to the 45-day approval period.

(If there is a reason why this is not suitable, but you are still interested in a beta test, please send us an email to and explain why).

Admitad is one of the world’s biggest and most reputable affiliate networks, so you can trust them in settling the balance with the affiliates that promote you via their network.

(You will just download csv files with payment data from Tapfiliate as usual. It is also possible to get invoices for these payments).

I want to join the beta testing program! What should I do?

Please send an email with the subject “Beta test” to Indicate your company name and any details/questions you might have.

Next steps

1. If there is still a place in the beta program, you will receive an email with an online form to fill in some basic information about your brand and affiliate offering.

2. Admitad’s legal team will send you an agreement with Admitad Affiliate Network that you will need to accept online

3. After you accept the agreement, Admitad Affiliate Network will be added as an affiliate to your program in Tapfiliate.

4. Your affiliate program will be placed in the Admitad Network’s catalog and will be available to 800,000+ Admitad active publishers who will be able to promote your brand/product to their audience.

Special characteristics of Admitad affiliate in your Tapfiliate program

As mentioned above, after you join the beta testers, a new affiliate, the “Admitad affiliate” will be created in your program in Tapfiliate. This affiliate will have several specific characteristics:

  • It can’t be deleted manually from your program (you can ask us to do that)

  • Its customers and conversions can’t be deleted (must be kept for the stats)

  • Conversions or customers can’t be assigned to this affiliate

  • This affiliate can’t be set as a parent in MLM programs

  • Its commissions can not be changed after they have been finalized

“Admitad affiliate” will not be shown in the list of your usual affiliates. It will be shown in a special new section called Affiliate networks.

Please note that the program placed in the Admitad catalog can’t be deleted via Tapfiliate software. If you need to delete your program for any reason please contact Tapfiliate’s support.

Conversions from all affiliates within the Admitad Network will be shown in the list of your conversions and on your dashboards under one Admitad affiliate.

Specific rules of conversion (dis)approval:

  1. You can approve or disapprove every conversion from Admitad Network during the approval period of 45 days from the date of conversion registration.

  2. At the end of the approval period the conversion statuses are finalized, sent to Admitad and can’t be changed.

  3. After the end of the approval period all conversions in pending status (i.e. all conversions that you haven’t approved or rejected by you) automatically change their status to “approved”. At that moment they are sent to Admitad and can not be changed.

Please let us know if for some specific reasons for your business you need more time to (dis)approve conversions and we will find a way out.

In case of any emergency, or with any questions, be sure to contact our customer service.

If you see any suspicious conversions, make sure to contact our support team about them.

Success tips for working with Admitad affiliate network

Affiliates working with affiliate networks pay attention to the program’s rating in order to decide if they are going to work with a certain program. You can influence your program’s rating by:

  1. Paying for approved conversions in a short period of time after the approval period, because affiliates are interested in getting paid for their work ASAP

  2. Disapproving only conversions with refunds or those that were made from a country you are not shipping to. In order to prevent wrong-GEO conversions affecting your rating, be attentive while choosing the countries you work with in the form we will send you.

If you need to change the list of your countries, please contact Tapfiliate support.

If you notice a number of suspicious or fake conversions please contact us as soon as possible.

If you reject/disapprove a conversion, make sure to specify a reason for disapproval. It will help Admitad publishers to correct their settings, so that similar conversions aren’t generated for your program in the future. This will also help you to keep your program’s rating high.


Approved conversions of the Admitad affiliate can be paid out after the end of the approval period (45 days), even if you have approved them earlier.

To pay Admitad, you will need to settle the balance and download the payment file in Tapfiliate as usual. There will be a separate CSV file with Admitad payment data and the sum of payment and VAT if applicable. You will then need to transfer the due sum to Admitad’s bank account in Germany.

VAT should be included in the payout if you pay from a company in Germany or if you pay from another European country and didn’t provide us with your VAT number.

Admitad is also able to provide invoices if that’s necessary for your accounting.


What is Admitad Affiliate Network?

Admitad is currently running one of the biggest and most reputable affiliate networks with 800,000+ registered publishers. It brings publishers and advertisers together on one platform and helps them find each other. As a Tapfiliate user, you have a possibility to get your offer in front of Admitad's publishers, while still managing your commissions inside your Tapfiliate program.

How much does it cost to take part in the beta-test?

You can place your program in the Admitad catalog during the test period for free. Of course you will still need to pay commissions for the conversion generated via Admitad’s affiliate network.

How long will the beta test run?

We are planning that the test will run for about a month and will start in September. We may extend the beta phase if we realise that we need some more time.

How much will the feature cost after the test?

At the moment we are searching for a balance between the value for Tapfiliate customers and a reasonable price. We will be able to announce the price a bit later on.

What if I decide to stop being listed in Admitad’s affiliate network during the test?

You can contact Tapfiliate support and we will stop your placement in Admitad (you will still need to pay out commissions that get generated via your affiliate links).

Wish to be a part of this beta test?

👉 Check the admission criteria above, and email to with the subject “Beta test”, your company name and any details/questions.

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