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Upload your program's marketing assets so your affiliates can share them
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In this article we will discuss:

At the end of this article, we have also attached a short FAQ section.

Your Assets page

A referral link is the basic item in your affiliate's advertising toolbox. But what if you want to offer them more advertising options, such as image banners, deep links, HTML5 banners, or link them to great video content?

This is where your Assets Page comes in handy. On this page, you can create and upload assets for your affiliates to fetch and distribute.

What are marketing assets

Your affiliates' default marketing asset is their referral link - this is generated the very moment they sign up and is made available to them from the moment they are approved to join your program.

But what if you have a wealth of other assets you'd like your affiliates to share with their audiences?

With Tapfiliate, you can easily upload additional marketing assets and place them at your affiliates' fingertips.

That way, your affiliates can confidently fetch, post and share your marketing images & pre-made content so that they can promote your business in just a few clicks. Not only does this aid them in their promotional efforts, but they will also earn them a commission if someone accesses your website through one of the assets they've shared.

Supported asset types

We support creating & sharing of the following asset types:

How to create an asset

To create a new asset, click on the button on the upper-right of the page. This will open a window where you can create your asset.

In this window, you can indicate the Asset type you'd like to create.

The form will adjust required fields depending on the asset type.

Each asset type has it's set of requirements. Obligatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

For this example, we'll be referring to and use the Text link asset.

Creating a text link asset

Once the window is open:

  1. Choose the "Text Link" asset type.

  2. Copy and paste the destination URL in the 'Landing page url' field.

  3. Add labels (this is optional).

  4. Fill in the content section with your text. Use this to add a short marketing ad copy, or to inform your affiliates of the product, purpose, or promotion. You could also pre-create a text that they can share with their network.

  5. Once you’ve filled out the necessary fields, the 'Create new asset' button will become clickable.

What happens after an asset is uploaded

Once you upload assets to your program, your affiliates will immediately have access to these on their "Assets Wall". From this page, your affiliate will be able to share them directly to their social channels, embed them on their websites, or .

We will automatically append referral parameters to these assets, using the provided landing page URL as the base.

Viewing & editing your assets

To view or edit an existing asset, simply click on it. This will reopen the asset's editing window, where you can apply changes.

You can also apply changes to multiple assets by using batch actions.

You can use this to delete an asset, update the landing page, or add a new label.

Viewing each asset's performance

If your affiliates have shared assets, then you'll be able to see how each one is performing in your Assets report.

This way, you can see how many clicks, conversions and revenue each asset has driven.


Can I upload banners with bigger file sizes?

No, this is not possible.

The 150kb limit is the same the big players like Google use, and for one reason: Larger files could hurt your affiliates' click-through rates, as they are heavier and take more time to load.

If your file size exceeds 150kb, you can compress your file using software like ImageOptim.

What dimensions should my image banners be?

We do not place any restrictions nor rules on dimensions of your banner. however, it is advised that to follow Google Ads specifications, as these are the standard across the web.

Why can't my affiliates share directly to Instagram?

Instagram is a great marketing tool for many e-commerce businesses, but the platform has several limitations when utilizing it for affiliate marketing purposes.

  • Sharing external content to Instagram is currently not possible. This means that Instagram currently does not provide a means to us to share assets on Instagram. All content must be posted manually by a user.

  • Linking is not supported on Instagram posts. You can post a link in your Instagram post, but the link won't be clickable. It will appear as plain text, with no hyperlink.

  • Clickable links are only possible in the bio of the Instagram user. The bio section is the only place where Instagram allows clickable links. Any other clickable items you might have seen on Instagram are found either in paid ads in 'Stories' posted by 'Instagram verified accounts' or businesses.

Because of these limitations regarding links, the best way to promote on Instagram is by issuing your affiliates Coupons.

Coupons can be used as a way to track conversions back to the affiliate that drove it. Keep in mind that coupon tracking functionalities need to be available in your e-commerce software. Depending on your integration, this might require some extra set up and perhaps the help of a developer.

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