Custom wording

Replace the wording across affiliate accounts, and make it resonate with your brand

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Custom wording

With our Enterprise plan's custom wording feature you can modify the existing wording across your affiliates' accounts.

  • For example, instead of using the term "referral link", you can change it to "customer link" or "ambassador URL".

  • If you'd like to use an alternative term to replace MLM placeholders, this is also possible.

  • The word "conversion" or "commission" doesn't quite fit? You can replace it by something that aligns with your wording.

  • The word "affiliate" doesn't quite fit your use case?

Go to Settings > Affiliates > Custom wording > Search for the keyword you'd like to change > Type the new keyword in the field Custom wording > Hit the tick.

The change will be reflected in your affiliates' accounts immediately.

If you'd like to gain access to this feature, you may upgrade your plan on your Billing page.

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