What is Affiliate recruitment?

A great way to accelerate the growth of both your business and your affiliate program is by enabling a feature called affiliate recruitment.

By enabling Affiliate recruitment, your new customers can become affiliate prospects. This means that they automatically receive a referral link that they can use to promote your business.

If they drive a conversion or a customer using their referral link, the affiliate prospect is immediately promoted to affiliate status, and invited to log into the platform.

By automatically harnessing your customers' existing interest, you can effortlessly accelerate the growth of your business. And who better to promote your product or brand that those who are personally acquainted with it?

Setting up is easy, and consists of two key steps which we'll discuss in detail below:

  1. Enable a source of affiliate prospects
  2. Set up your follow-up actions

Want the full deets?

For a full run-down of how you can set this up and how it works, keep on reading our Affiliate recruitment feature article.

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