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Tapfiliate can collect affiliate payout information from a wide range of payout methods - this means that we know the information you need to use any of these.

However, it may be the case that yours isn't listed, of that you'd like to set up an alternative kind of reward, for which you'd need a different set of details.

This is where our Custom payouts method module comes in handy. You simply let us know what information you need to collect so that we can generate the CSV you need to conduct your payment.

Setting up your custom payout method

To set up a new payout method, go to your Settings tab > Affiliates 'Payments'.

Scroll down to find the Custom payout methods section. Here you'll find the ‘Create New Payout Method’ button.

Once you have accessed the module, proceed to fill in the title of your new method, and create the fields. These fields will be displayed as questions.

What should I put here?

When deciding what information to request from your affiliates, you should keep in mind the following: “What information do I need from my affiliates to pay them out?”

For example: If you want to pay out your affiliate through an alternate method that is not listed/supported, make sure you make it explicit that you're using a specific service. That way, the affiliate can create their account on that service and provide you with the correct details needed for them to be paid out through that service.

Here's a quick video of the process!

Here's how it will look from the affiliate's perspective!

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