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In this article we will go over:

Reporting Page

In this guide, we'll go over some practical tips and tricks about how you can use the New reporting Page to gain insights about your affiliate program's performance.

Audit seamlessly 📈 

With the new Reporting page, you're just a click away from deeper insights. 

Next to that, you will be able to jump back and forth between reports and view the exact conversions & customers that make up that report. 

Try this: 

  1. On the Explore page, click on a country in the map. This applies the filter for that specific country. 

  2. On this same page, next to the map, you will find the commission status pie chart. Click on the green "approved" section. This applies a filter that displays data concerning approved commissions. 

  3. Then, navigate towards your Affiliate report - here you will see that the two previous filters remain in place - you only see data relevant to your search and date range. 

  4. If you want to drill down further, click on an affiliate in the table. This applies the filter for that affiliate.

If you navigate back to the Explore page, you'll see data regarding approved conversions originating in the country you selected, which were driven by the affiliate you chose during the selected date range. 

Tip: If you're gathering data in multiple currencies, you can generate reports per currency. You may switch the currency by clicking on the currency drop-down menu on the right-hand side.


Drill-down & find out more 🔎 

Drill down and uncover useful insights. Use a variety of reports to answer key questions about your affiliate program: 

  • Date - Generate reports that break down your affiliate driven revenue per day, per week, or per month.

  • Affiliate - Review your top performers and compare how they perform against other affiliates.

  • Referrer - See where your affiliate-driven audiences are coming into contact with your brand.  

  • Country - Find out where are your affiliate-driven customers reside.

  • Landing page - Do you know what landing page generates the most revenue? See where your affiliates are directing traffic, and what pages lead to higher conversion rates. 

  • Browser/OS - Identify potential pain-points and find out how your users convert in a variety of browsing environments & conditions.  

  • Asset - Discover what eye-catching assets drive the most clicks and conversions. 

  • Metadata - Are you already retrieving metadata with your conversions? If so, you can now sort through your metadata keys. This is especially useful if you'd like to know what products your affiliate-driven customers are interested in!


Keep tabs on your affiliate program's growth 

In the Affiliate report, you can keep track of your affiliate demographics, as well as the growth of your program's membership. 😊 


  • How many sign ups took place in a certain period. 

  • What affiliate groups the new sign ups have been added to

  • How many affiliate prospects have been promoted


Review & Export

Review your Customers & Conversions

If you'd like to take a closer look at the Conversions or Customers that make up a report, you can click on the "Conversions" & "Customers" links in the grey bar. This allows you to look at the Conversions or Customers associated with the Report you have generated. 

Exporting your Reporting data

Your data is yours to keep - whenever you've generated your report, you can export it by clicking on the Export button on the upper right of the table, just below the date range filter.

When you export your data, this will be sent to your email in a .CSV file. You'll have 24 hours to download your file.

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