Handling multiple currencies
How to specify a conversion's currency and override the default
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It's possible to specify a conversion's currency and override the default currency of a program.

When tracking a conversion, it's possible to specify the currency of that conversion in the tracking script. This in turn results in the commission for said conversion being generated in that same currency.

A developer can help implement this override by indicating the ISO currency code to be applied at checkout in your conversion code.  

Note: To be able to override the default code, the ISO code must already be listed as a program currency option within the Tapfiliate platform. If it doesn't exist, it won't be recognized and will revert to the default currency of the program. 

If a currency is not listed, please contact customer support. . 


Can currencies be exchanged in Tapfiliate?

No. Tapfiliate can only register conversions and generate the commissions for said conversions. Tapfiliate does not have the capacity to exchange currencies on our platform.

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