If you are currently using our old "Recurrer" system, you are in luck! You can upgrade to our new Customers feature today for free. 

Customers will give you the same functionality as before, however, with a lot of added benefits, among which are:

  • Extra new features, such as a customizable recurring cap

  • More control over starting and stopping recurring commissions

  • Better insights into newly created recurring commissions

What will change for me?

  1. All your existing recurrers will be turned in to Customers - all active recurrers will become "active" customers and all stopped recurrers, will become "canceled" customers. You can see an overview of all your customers here.

  2. New recurring commissions will no longer be added to the original conversion, but will become new conversions. The benefit is that these can be filtered and batch managed in the conversions view. Also, when exporting conversions, the dates these conversions took place dates will make them fall within the selected range.

  3. You will stop recurrers through the Customers page, rather than through the conversion. Also, you will also be able to re-enable canceled customers, which had not been possible with the recurrers before. 

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