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Settling all balances to pay out affiliates
Settling all balances to pay out affiliates

How to generate your payment file

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Settling your affiliate balances

When you're ready to payout your affiliates, you will do so by settling their balances.

You can do so by clicking on the "Settle All Balances" button:

This will make a window pop open, in which you can define the minimum payment amount (if you wish to do so). You can also hover over the affiliate bubbles to see the amounts payable per affiliate.

When you're done, click on the blue button inside the window.

This will immediately download the payment file and move all of the "settled" payments to the Past Payments section.

Paying out commissions up to a certain date

If you'd like to pay out commissions generated up to a certain date, you may do so by using the "Up to" filter next to the "Settle all balances" button.

When a date is defined, only the commissions that took place on or before the date will appear eligible for payment.

Keep in mind that payments to affiliates are generally not automated - to officially pay out your affiliates, you'd still need to upload the payment file to a specialized service such as PayPal Bulk Payment.

NEW: Automate affiliate payouts via Trolley.

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