Currently, there are two ways to set a payment threshold in Tapfiliate, but how you will be able to do so will depend on whether you're using the Payouts Page or the new Payments Page

You can determine the scenario that applies to you by checking the tab on the left-side of your screen. 

Scenario 1: You're using the Payouts Page

To set a threshold, click on the Settings tab of your dashboard and click on "Payouts". Here you can define your payout threshold. 

If an affiliate is below the threshold, they will have to wait until the next payout cycle. 

Example: If you choose to implement a payment threshold of $20, an affiliate who has made $13 in commission will not be displayed on the ‘Generate payouts’ list.

Scenario 2: You're using the Payments Page

You define your payout threshold when you're creating a payment file

When you define your minimum payment threshold, the affiliates that do not meet the minimum requirement will not appear in your payment file.

Example: If you define a payment threshold of $10, an affiliate who has earned a total of $7 in commission will not appear in the payment file being generated. They will be eligible for payout only if they're over the threshold.  

Automated payout: In the case that you choose to enable automated payouts, we recommend that you set a payment threshold. Automated payouts can be done through the triggers feature. You will likely need a developer to set this up for you.

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