In addition to the wide variety of payout methods already offered by Tapfiliate, you can add custom payout methods to pay out your affiliates. 

To set up a new payout method, go to your Payout Account Settings, and click the ‘Create New Payout Method’ button. 

Fill in the title of your new method, and then proceed with the fields. These fields will be displayed as questions to your affiliates when we ask them for their payout information. When deciding what information to request from your affiliates, you should keep in mind the following: “What information do I need from my affiliates to pay them out?” For example: If you want to pay out your affiliate through Paypal, then you would only need their "Paypal e-mail". In this case, you would add "Paypal e-mail" as the only field for the payout method.

Note: we already offer Paypal as one of our standard payout methods, so there is no need to add this as a custom payout method, but you get the idea.

Also, keep in mind that Tapfiliate already collects the following data: First Name, Last Name and Email Address by default. You don't need to ask for this information again in your custom payout method. 

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