It is technically possible to use Tapfiliate to set up an affiliate program that rewards affiliates for driving installs and in-app purchases. However, we do not support the technical implementation.

The high-level flow to implement is as follows:

Install tracking

  1. Switch to redirect tracking (ask support to enable this for you)
  2. Use the ${}  merge tag to have the click ID injected into a query parameter in your installation URL.
  3. After install, retrieve the Click ID value and use our API to track a conversion. For Android, you can use the "Play Install Referrer API" to grab the Click ID value. For iOS, you will need to use fingerprinting or use a service like

In-app purchase tracking:

  1. Set your default landing page URL (or asset landing page URL) to deep link into your app.

The link will contain the affiliate's referral_code  in the ?ref=  query parameter. You can use that to create a conversion using our API

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