With Tapfiliate, it's possible to create different commissions and make affiliates advance according to certain conditions. For example:

  • 10% on each of the first 10 conversions.
  • 15% on conversions up to 50.
  • 20% on conversions up to 100.
  • 30% on each conversion beyond 100.

Provided that you have already created affiliate groups, you have three methods to set this up:

  1. Manually: Create a trigger email notifications to notify yourself when an affiliate has reached a desired threshold (eg. 50 conversion) and then manually move that affiliate to the next issued affiliate group
  2. API: See our documentation and endpoints here
  3. Zapier: There are certain actions that you can set up with Zapier. For example, move an affiliate to a new affiliate group after a desired time frame. Keep in mind that you're limited to Zapier's functionalities. 

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