Instagram is a great marketing tool for many e-commerce businesses, but the platform, itself, has several limitations when utilizing it for affiliate marketing purposes. These are:

  • Linking is not supported on Instagram posts. You can post a link in your Instagram post, but the link won't be clickable. It will only post as plain text.

  • Clickable links are only possible in the biography of the Instagram user. The biography section is the only place where Instagram allows clickable links. Any other clickable items you might have seen on Instagram are found either in paid ads, or in 'stories' posted by 'Instagram verified accounts'.

The Workaround: what most marketeers who use Instagram do, is include coupon codes in the text of a post, which can later be used as a way to track conversions back to the affiliate that drove it. You can use coupon codes in combination with Tapfiliate, but keep in mind that this functionality needs to be available in your e-commerce solution. In some cases, this might require some extra set up to connect coupons to our platform.

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