Currently, there are two ways to modify a commission in Tapfiliate, but how you will be able to do so will depend on whether you're using the Payouts Page or the new Payments Page

You can determine the scenario that applies to you by checking the tab on the left-side of your screen. 

Scenario 1: You're using the Payouts Page

If you have mistakenly approved commissions and generated the payout lines, or if you simply want to delete a payout line to generate it again later on, you need to first, go to your 'Payouts' section, where you will have two possible cases:

Case 1:

  • If the payout line you need to edit is still there, then click on the amount of the payout line, and select 'Delete payout'
  • This will automatically release the previously approved commissions making them available again to be disapproved or edited in the “Conversions & Commissions” section.

Case 2:

  • If you marked it as paid before, then the payout has disappeared from this screen and was archived. To access the archive, click on the option 'Paid (archived)' from the drop-down menu located on the right, above the payouts list.

Once there, you will see the list of all previously generated and archived payouts. You can then click on the amount and see the details.

  • You can click on 'Mark as unpaid', and this will bring the payout back to the initial list of generated payouts, where you can proceed as explained in Case 1 of this scenario.

Scenario 2: You're using the Payments Page

When a conversion is approved, the commission for that conversion is immediately forwarded to the Payments Page

If you'd like to modify a commission, you can do this by going back to the conversion where the commission originated, on the Conversions page. Here you can do one of two things: 

  1. Disapprove the commission entirely - this will remove the commission from the balances page.
  2. Modify the commission amount - you can open the right-side details panel click on the commission amount to edit this field. 

In the case of refunded or cancelled orders, or cases in which you have already settled the balance with an affiliate, you can refer to this article

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