If you have mistakenly approved commissions and generated the payout lines for these, or if you simply want to delete a payout line and generate it again, you'll first need to go to your 'Payouts' section. 

Once here, there are two possible cases:

Case 1: Payout is pending/unpaid

If the payout line you need to edit is pending, then click on the amount of the payout line, and click 'Delete payout'

  • This will automatically release the approved commissions that were part of that payout line, making them available to be disapproved or edited in the Conversions Page.

Case 2: Payout has been marked as paid

If you marked it as paid before, then the payout has disappeared from this screen and was archived. To access the archive, click on the option 'Paid (archived)' from the drop-down menu located on the right, above the payouts list.

Once there, you will see the list of all previously generated and archived payouts. 

You can click on 'Mark as unpaid', and this will bring the payout back to the list of pending payouts. Here you can proceed as explained in Case 1. 

Note: if you're using the new Payments page, please refer to this article

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