If you're using the old Payouts Page, we advise that our clients to keep the approval of commissions ‘on hold’ until the cancelation/refund period is over

This is due to the fact that it isn't possible to detract from an affiliate's balance if you're using the old Payouts page. 

  • If you have already approved a commission, you can always disapprove it, as long as you haven't generated the payout. 
  • If you have already generated the payout, you will first need to modify the payout. This article explains how to manage that.

Thinking about migrating to the new Payments Page? 

If you have any questions about migrating to the new Payments system or if you'd like to know how this migration changes the way you pay your affiliates, you can check out the dedicated Support section for this. Our customer support team is also ready to answer your questions about the new Payments page, should you have any. 

Pro Tip: Regardless of the scenario that applies to you, it's considered good practice is to leave a comment in the commission to keep track of the reason why it was disapproved and why the affiliate's balance was set back. 

Note: If you have the new Payments Page, please refer to this article

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