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How to permanently delete affiliates or affiliate prospects
How to permanently delete affiliates or affiliate prospects

Learn how to remove or delete affiliates and affiliate prospects from your Tapfiliate account

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WARNING: Following these steps will permanently delete your affiliate.
To disapprove an affiliate see this article.

Before you delete an affiliate, take time to understand the conditions and what a deletion entails. 

Here are some general notes relating to deletion: 

  • Affiliate deletion is a permanent action and cannot be undone. 

  • Deletion will erase the affiliate from your account - while their conversions will remain in your platform, but they will appear as attributed to a deleted user. 

How to permanently delete an affiliate or Affiliate prospect: 

  • From your dashboard, go to your Affiliates Overview or Affiliate recruitment list > Click on the affiliate or prospect's name > click on the three points at the top of the right-side panel. 

  • The option to Delete the affiliate or affiliate prospect will appear there. 

Need to delete multiple affiliates at once? 

It's possible to delete multiple affiliates through the REST API. To find out what endpoints to use, please refer to this article

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