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How does Multi-level Marketing work on Tapfiliate?

How our MLM feature's works

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Our MLM feature is relative, meaning that the affiliate driving the conversion would get the Level 1/standard commission

Affiliates who are a part of the corresponding affiliate's upline (and within the range of the levels you have set) will also be eligible for commission for that conversion.

To illustrate how our MLM feature operates, we've prepared this example:

Let's say we have this commission structure set up:

  • Default: 10%

  • Level 2: 2%

  • Level 3: 1%

These are our affiliates, along with their relationships within your program:

  • Johnny (parent)

  • Betty (child of Johnny)

  • Angela (child of Betty, grandchild of Johnny).

  • Jim (child of Angela, grandchild of Betty, great grandchild of Johnny).

If Angela drives a sale with a value of $100, the commissions would be issued as follows:

  • Angela $10 (Level 1/standard)

  • Betty: $2 (Level 2)

  • Johnny: $1 (Level 3)

Now, if Jim drives a sale with a value of $100, the commissions would be as follows:

  • Jim: $10 (Default)

  • Angela: $2 (Level 2)

  • Betty: $1 (Level 3)

  • Johnny $0 (Level 4 does not exist, so they're not eligible for commission)

Please note that starting from October 23, 2023, this feature is exclusively accessible through our Pro and Enterprise plans. For additional information on feature availability, kindly refer to our pricing page.

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