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Can I use Tapfiliate to run programs for others?
Can I use Tapfiliate to run programs for others?

Information for agencies and individuals trying to use Tapfiliate to create and run affiliate programs for others.

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Our software is primarily designed for one-to-many (one advertiser to many affiliates). 

But, we also have lots of clients servicing other clients (mainly agencies) that use our software to create and manage affiliate marketing programs for others.

If this applies to you, here are some things to consider:

  • There is only one merchant login: Individual merchants will not be able to see their stats on the platform themselves. You can either export and send your merchants their reports individually, or you can use our API to set up specific reporting for your clients on your end.

  • You must perform the integration process for each website: Tapfiliate relies on tracking codes - these must be set on the website, following the Integration guide that applies to your use case. Note: Cross-domain tracking is not supported. 

  • All programs will reside under the same subdomain you set: There is only one Tapfiliate portal domain per Tapfiliate account.

  • All payments are gathered on the same Payments page - it is not possible to pay out per program.

  • Affiliates cannot see an overview of all programs/offers: You will have to invite/add them to individual programs/offers. You can also use our API to pull in offers and show them on your end.

Please contact us if your developers need help to set this up.

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