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Integrating with Shopify
Integrating with Shopify

Learn how to integrate Tapfiliate with Shopify.

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Tapfiliate offers integration with Shopify, allowing businesses to track affiliate sales originating from their Shopify store. The integration lets you connect your Tapfiliate account with your Shopify store and seamlessly track affiliate conversions and commissions.

Tapfiliate provides two ways to integrate with Shopify:

1. Dedicated app that can be installed from the Shopify App Store.

This app allows you to seamlessly integrate Tapfiliate's affiliate tracking and management features into your Shopify store.

Once installed, the Tapfiliate app syncs with your Shopify store to track conversions and attribute them to the corresponding affiliates.

2. JavaScript tracking code that you can manually add to your Shopify store's theme files.

To integrate Tapfiliate with Shopify, you need to locate the appropriate files in your Shopify theme for adding the tracking code.

The Tapfiliate tracking code should be placed in the appropriate location - ‘theme.liquid’ file in the layouts folder, just before the </head> tag. More details on installing the Tapfiliate code to your Shopify account can be found here.

Check out our step-by-step Shopify integration guide here, or watch our tutorial videos below.

Application integration

Code-based integration

Can I use other sales channels with Shopify?

Our Shopify integration only works for Shopify Online Stores. Any additional services (such as “Buy Button” and ReCharge) are not supported.

Contact our support team if you have any questions about how Tapfiliate would work within your setup!

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