Do want to have links that direct to a specific page on or product on your website? 

  1. You can create these links yourself;
  2. Your affiliates can create deep links, themselves. 

Do you (as the Advertiser) want to create deep links for your affiliates to use? 

You can offer your affiliates the possibility to link to specific products, landing pages, offer pages or other parts of your website than your default landing page URL.

  • To do this, proceed as though you were creating a marketing asset;
  • On your dashboard, click on 'Programs' > Select a program > Click then on the 'Assets' tab > Click on 'New' > Select from the drop-down menu the type of asset that will be used to deep link > Edit > Hit 'Create Asset';
  • The newly created links/assets will be automatically shared with your affiliates.

Are you seeking for a solution where your affiliates can create their own deep links? 

Give your affiliates the freedom to create their own deep links to your website's pages and products. 

How to deep link, depends on the tracking method you are using:

  • Query & Hash: If your affiliate's link appears as follows;  your affiliate can place the referral code part (?ref=johndoe OR ?a=123-abc&s=bcd-321 ) behind any link to your site to make it trackable: 

Note: if you are using redirect tracking method, please contact our support chat, as there are changes that might affect you.

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