MLM Affiliate Sales Goal feature

Incentivizing affiliates to drive conversions through their sub-affiliate network.

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The MLM sales goal is a feature that incentivizes parent affiliates to drive a certain conversion amount before they're eligible to claim commissions earned through their downline. 

For example, let's say you have an MLM Sales Goal of $100. This is the minimum personal sales amount the affiliate must reach or exceed in a given calendar week or month.

  • If they reach the MLM Sales Goal, they are eligible to receive the commissions generated through their downline.

  • If the goal conversion amount set is not reached, the affiliate will not be eligible to receive that period's commissions through affiliates in their downline.


I'm interested in this feature. Can I have MLM Sales goals on the Essential or Pro plan?

No, out of fairness to other Tapfiliate users, MLM Sales goals feature is a fixed part of Tapfiliate's Enterprise plan. If you'd like to gain access to this feature, you may upgrade your plan on your Billing page.

When do the downline MLM commissions get issued?

MLM Sales goals calculations will trigger and issue the MLM commissions after the following:

  1. All commissions in the calendar week/month have been evaluated (marked approved or disapproved). No commission in the chosen period would be pending review.

  2. The calendar month/week has passed.

My affiliate reached the goal, but no MLM commissions have been issued. Why is this?

MLM commissions are always issued after all commissions in the calendar week/month have been reviewed (not just those belonging to the affiliate), and after that period has passed.

MLM commissions will not be calculated or issued until both of these conditions have been met.

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