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Do you integrate with WIX Stores?
Do you integrate with WIX Stores?

Practical information about Tapfiliate's WIX Stores Integration

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We've created a WIX Stores integration that supports:ย 

Due to technical limitations on WIX's end, coupon tracking and commission type tracking is not possible with WIX Stores. We advise not wasting time or resources attempting to set these up.

To make use of this integration, follow this guide and /or watch our integration video:

Test your WIX Stores integration

To test your WIX Stores integration, you must create a test affiliate and use their link to make a purchase. If the conversion is tracked in your platform, you're good to go!


Note: Please note that any other WIX use case (events, paid plans, or other third-party payment service within WIX) is not supported. This integration only works for WIX online stores.


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