First of all, consider that bonuses goals are set up based on conversion number or amount, not commissions.

Secondly, we do ask commissions to be approved to consider the conversion as part of the goal, as it is an indication that the conversion is considered valid by you - though it doesn't change the fact that the conversion is the object considered to calculate the bonus. 

To make it clear: bonus commissions will only be generated and attributed to the affiliate when the bonus period is over, and all commissions within the bonus period have been reviewed (approved/disapproved). Commissions pending approval will imply that their respective conversion will not be counted.

So, let's imagine the following example:

  • Regular commissions are 10% of the conversion amount.
  • You set up a bonus with Bonus period = Calendar month.
  • You added two bonus tiers: when affiliates reach 5 conversions or more, they will get an extra 5%, when they reach 10 or more, they get an extra 10%.
  • If the affiliate drives 7 conversions, a 5% would be added to all 7 conversions.
  • Jane Doe drove 12 conversions, each for a value of $25, each will have awarded her 10% commission ($2,5 each x 12 conversions = $30 total).
  • On top of this, there is the extra 5% bonus on the first 5 conversions ($6,25 total). 
  • On top of this, there is the 10% bonus on all of the 12 conversions ($30 total).
  • The total payout for that month for Jane Doe would then be $66,25.

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