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What are bonuses for?

You can reward your affiliates with a bonus if they reach a certain amount of conversions or met a conversion amount goal. It's important to note that bonuses are not based on commissions.

How do I set up bonuses?

To set up your program's bonuses, you simply navigate to your Program > Program's Settings > Bonuses. Once there, click 'add bonus'.

Here's what you'll be setting up:

  • Bonus form: Select between fixed bonus commission or a percentage based on the total conversions they have driven. 
  • Bonus period: Select the interval for the bonus (ie. if you pick a calendar month as the bonus period, the bonus will run for a month and reset once the month is over).
  • Target type: Select a goal for your affiliates to work towards; this can be either a total number of conversions, or total conversion amount.

When are bonuses generated? 

Bonus commissions will only be generated and attributed to the affiliate when the bonus period is over, and all commissions within the bonus period have been reviewed (approved/disapproved). 

Commissions pending approval will not be counted towards the bonus.

How do I approve commissions?

When someone has reached the set bonus target after commissions have been approved, we add a commission bonus.

Commissions need to be approved, in addition to the standard commissions. This can be managed on the Bonus tab in your Conversions Page.

How do they work, exactly? 

So, let's imagine the following example:

  • You set a bonus goal: when affiliates reach 5 conversions or more, they will get an extra 5%. 
  • If the affiliate drives 7 conversions, a 5% would be added to all 7 conversions.
  • Once the bonus period is over, you will approve any bonuses. For this affiliate, 5% bonus will be added on top of the standard commission for that period. 

Bonuses are not cumulative - this means that the affiliate will receive only the reward corresponding to the tier/goal they've reached. 

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