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How Tapfiliate's cookies work

Provided that you have completed your integration process, we'll be able to track the users your affiliates refer. When visitors follow an affiliate link to your website, this triggers a click tracking script that would be installed in your website.

This not only tracks the click, but also stores a tap_vid cookie in the visiting user's browser. This cookie contains attribution data that points to the affiliate that referred that user. This visitor be trackable for the lifetime of the cookie (cookie time).

While to cookie is active in the user's browser, it's possible to track conversions and/or customers when they make a purchase in your online shop, or sign up for your product/subscription.

Cookie time & adjusting its duration

Cookie time refers to the time that a cookie remains active in a user's browser, and therefore can be used to track a conversion or a customer.

The cookie time set by default to 45 days. Industry standards vary between 30 to 90 days. The maximum amount of days that a cookie can be set for is 365.

Configuring a program's cookie time

To configure the cookie time, do the following: 

Click on 'Programs' > Select your program > Click on 'Settings' > Note the preferred amount in the 'Cookie time in days' field. When you're done, click save.

Reasons why tracking may have stopped or not work

There are multiple instances in which a conversion or customer may not have been tracked. We will list these below:

  • Change in domain - Tapfiliate uses first-party cookies. This means that they will only be functional in the website they were created for. This means that your clicks and conversions must be tracked on the same domain. A change in domain will invalidate the cookie.
  • A redirect cut off the referral parameter - If the referral parameter is dropped during a redirect, we can't track the click or place a cookie,
  • Cookie has expired - If the conversion takes place after the cookie has expired, it will not be tracked.
  • Missing tracking scripts - If tracking has stopped altogether, it may be that tracking scripts codes are missing or were removed. Without codes, we can't track.
  • Customer may have been capped - if a customer is capped, the scripts won't track more conversions for them.
  • External id or customer id already exists - We perform de-duplication based on the External id and Customer id values. If you're tracking a conversion or a customer and the id already exists in your account, we won't track it anew.
  • Recurring/Lifetime commissions are not being added - Make sure you have the setting for this toggled on.
  • User has adblockers enabled - Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising. This means that adblockers will target our scripts and disable tracking.


What role do cookies play in the context of lifetime/recurring commissions?

In the context of lifetime/recurring commissions, the cookie will be used to link the affiliate to the customer they have referred. Once this affiliate-customer connection is established, the cookie will be irrelevant for future transactions that the customer makes.

This means that even if a registered customer returns on your website through a different affiliate link, any purchase they make will generate a conversion for the original, referring affiliate they're already associated with.

How can I check if tracking is working?

To check if your integration is working, you may test your integration. This will let you know if your scripts are communicating data back to Tapfiliate.

Note: If you're using our WIX Stores or REST API integration, you'll need to test using an actual affiliate link.

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