Plans are billed monthly and composed of a base rate + possible extras as follows:

  • Overage: Each plan has a specific number of clicks, views, and conversions which you can view on the pricing page. If these are exceeded, an overage fee will be applied to your next monthly bill. 
  • Upgrade: When you upgrade, the upgrade will take effect immediately, however; you will be billed for the new plan you upgraded to on your next billing cycle. The same happens when you downgrade your account.
  • VAT (EU only): If you're located in the EU and have not added your VAT ID to your account, we are required to add a 21% VAT to your monthly invoice. 

Note: We do not take commission on sales.

Tracking events

Note: Only relevant for accounts created before April 2, 2016

Tracking events used to be part of our old billing system. Tapfiliate keeps track of four different types of events:

  1. Views: Each time a banner or text link is served.
  2. Clicks: Each time a banner or text link is clicked.
  3. Conversions: All of your conversions generated by your affiliates.
  4. Trigger actions: If you make use of our 'Triggers' feature, each triggered action counts as a tracking event.

A tracking event is a record of any of these events.
Please check your subscription to see how many tracking events are included within your plan.

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