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Cookie time

The lifespan of a cookie and how to set it up and/or adjust this configuration.

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‘Cookie time’ refers to the amount of time (in days) between the last click and the conversion. During this time, the affiliate will still be credited for the conversion. 

We set our default to 45 days - industry standards vary between 30 and 90 days. The max time you can set is 365 days.

To configure the cookie time, do the following: 

  • Click on Settings > Program > Click on General > Note the preferred amount in the 'Cookie time in days' field.

When you change your program's cookie time, the change will take effect immediately.

Why do I see that a cookie will expire after 365 days in my website console? I set a cookie lifetime of 45 days.

To exclude unnecessary requests to the backend, we use maximum value for browser cookies. In this case, cookie lifetime applies inside our system only, and after time period you set up in your account settings, Tapfiliate will not track conversions but the cookie will be stored in browser anyway.

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