Tapfiliate offers many ways to get insights into your affiliate program(s) and your affiliates' performance. These insights are all neatly gathered and easily manipulated in your Reporting page

Here you can: 

  • Filter your report by program, affiliate, status - you can also set multiple filters at the same time to get more specific reports. 
  • Set a date range for your report, or use one of our set options to analyze your affiliate program's more recent activities
  • Toggle between views, clicks, conversions, conversion amount, and commission amount from the respective buttons located above the graph. 

You can also see a breakdown of where traffic is coming from on your Referrer tab, and see what operating systems, devices and browsers are being used. 

Exporting all this data as a .CSV file is also possible. Simply click on the small export button, which is located next to the filter button.

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