Yes! Tapfiliate offers many ways to get insights into your affiliate program(s).

  • Click on the reporting button on the right side of your dashboard and then select 'Affiliates'. This report shows an overview of all affiliates' performance.
  • Want to see a graph on a specific affiliate? Use the 'By date' option and then the small filter icon located on the top right sector. Select a desired affiliate using the drop down options.
  • You can also select multiple affiliates at the same time or choose to filter by program.
  • Toggle between views, clicks, conversions, conversion amount, and commission amount from the respective buttons located above the graph. 
  • Want to apply a timespan on top of the filters? Just click on the calendar icon and create a 'Custom range' or choose options such as 'Last 7 days', 'Last 30 days', etc.

Exporting all this data as a .CSV file is also possible by clicking on the small export button.

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