Of course! Your success depends on how successful and motivated your affiliates are, and bonuses are a good way to improve your overall performance. 

Note: Keep in mind that Bonuses are a Pro plan feature.

To see an overview of all of your active bonuses, you can click on 'Programs' > select your program > Click on the 'Settings' tab > Click on the 'Bonuses' tab.

Create a bonus structure based on form, period and type, adding also tiers or benchmarks.

  • Bonus form: select between fixed bonus commission or a percentage based on the total conversions they have driven. 
  • Bonus period: select the interval for the bonus (ie. if you pick a calendar month as the bonus period, the bonus will run for a month and reset once the month is over).
  • Target type: select a goal for your affiliates to work towards; either total number of conversions or total conversion amount.

You can also check an example here.

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