Before you cancel

Before you cancel your account, we recommend that you:

  • Export your data - After canceling, you won't be able to access your account.

  • Download your invoices - After canceling, you won't have access to your invoices (these are stored inside the account).

  • Notify your affiliates in the case that you're cancelling the program (if needed)

  • Pay out any commissions due (if there are any outstanding amounts).

Please note that after cancelation, you will not have access to your data or invoices.

How to cancel your Tapfiliate subscription 

Below you'll find the steps towards canceling your Tapfiliate subscription and closing your account: 

  1. Go to your Billing page

  2. Click on the "Cancel account" button - this will open the a window, in which you can complete the cancelation process (see below).

What happens after I cancel?

Cancelation is immediate.

After you have clicked on the red "Cancel account" button, your account will be immediately closed and your Tapfiliate subscription will end, effective immediately.

Next to that, you will not have access to the account's contents after you cancel.

Once your account is closed, your tracking scripts will no longer register affiliate-driven activity, and your program will be taken offline.

Note: If you wish to permanently delete your account and all associated data, please read further here.

Lightspeed Users

Because your billing takes place through your Lightspeed account, you won't find a Billing page in your Tapfiliate account

You may cancel your Tapfiliate account through Lightspeed.  

Can I reopen my account in the future? 

It's definitely possible to reopen an old account. The circumstances of the account's closure will determine how you'd go about this process, however. 

  • If your account was cancelled while you were trying out Tapfiliate (during the 14-day trial time), you may contact customer support to retrieve your account.

  • If your account was cancelled after your trial ended (you had already made subscription payments), you may attempt to log in. You will need to submit payment information to restart your subscription. 

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