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What is a Tapfiliate account id, and where you can find it

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Your unique account id

An account id is your key to affiliate tracking.

This unique combination of numbers and letters is what allows you to set up your integration with Tapfiliate, and track affiliate-driven clicks and conversions. This account id is unique to your account and is created the moment you sign up for your trial.

Generating an account id

To get an account id, you must first sign up for your Tapfiliate trial.

Once you open your account, your account id will be available and ready to use!

Finding your Account id

Inside your Tapfiliate account, you will be able to find your account id on your Profile Settings page. 

To reach this page, click on your initials bubble at the bottom left of the platform, and find your Profile settings.

You'll find your account's unique id at the bottom of the page.

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