In most cases, affiliate links look like this:

If your affiliates would liketo change their referral code (the value after ?ref= ), refer them to this article: How affiliates can customize their referral links

This is useful in the case affiliates would rather not use their names, or if they'd like their link to reflect their website/brand.

To prevent affiliates from changing their referral link, you can simply toggle off the Referral Codes option in your program's settings. This will result in anonymized links that consist in a string of letters and numbers.

There are, however, cases where this isn't sufficient, or where you as an advertiser would like to take full control of how links are displayed and if affiliates can change them.

There may be certain cases in which you may want to customize affiliate referral links. This may be the case if: 

  • You don't want affiliates to modify the referral code from their end.
  • Alternatively, you may want to get rid of the ?ref= part of your affiliate links, or replace it with something else. 

Please note that these changes are part of our advanced features, and that you'll need a developer to help implement this. Your developer can refer to this technical document for more information.  

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