How to add UTM parameters to Tapfiliate links
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Adding UTM tags to your Tapfiliate links is incredibly easy - simply append them to the end of your Tapfiliate landing page url.

To do this:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Landing page url.

  2. Type out your UTM parameter at the end of the link (i.e. ?utm_source/campaign/medium, whichever suits your purposes best)

  3. Click on "Tags" to view merge tags and click on the one you'd like to add to the link. The link in this field would look something like this:${}&utm_campaign=${program.title}

  4. Save your settings.

Once saved, our software will swap the merge tags for each affiliate.

Referral links will include the UTM parameters in the referral link.

Don’t feel confident tagging the two together yourself?

Google has a very handy tool for adding UTM tags to any link. 

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