Whether you're running a special promotion, or you'd like to drive traffic to specific products of your website, the ability to create additional links for your affiliates always comes in handy! 

In this guide, we'll explain how to create additional links using the "Text link" asset-type. 

To begin creating your new link, you must first head over to the Assets page of your program. 

To do this, go to 'Programs' > Select your specific program > Click on 'Assets' > New. Once here, under type, select 'Text link'.

This will open a form in which you can format your text link. 

To create a link to a specific product or page, you can copy and paste the URL in the 'Landing page url' field. In the content box, you can add a short marketing ad copy, to inform your affiliates of the product, purpose, or promotion.

Once you’ve filled out the necessary fields, the 'Create asset' button will become clickable. 

After clicking, the link will become available to your affiliates on their asset wall.

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