It is quite likely that you're using one of our integrations in which you need to slightly change something in the code to adapt it to your shop and make it work properly.

Stripe example:

  • Stripe e-commerce solutions have, most of the time, customized tags that carry the values of the conversion, such as ¬†conversion ID and conversion amount.
  • This means we cannot pre-fill these tags for you: You need to find this out in your own shop what these are.

Therefore, in our Stripe installation guide, you will see in the second piece of code (conversion tracking) placeholder text used for those tags: 

  • If you don't change this text using actual dynamic tags, the values passed on each conversion will be hardcoded, remaining always the same: STRIPE CUSTOMER ID will be the conversion ID for all conversions, and OPTIONAL ORDER AMOUNT will be transformed into 0.00.
  • As two conversions cannot have the same ID, you will only see the first one registered. All of the following, with a hardcoded ID, will be read by Tapfiliate as the same conversion over and over, and therefore, not registered.
  • Please contact your platform's support to understand which dynamic tag you need to use to track conversions.

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