If you want to award commissions to the affiliate only when the user becomes a paying customer, this is the high-flow you should apply:

  • First of all, keep in mind that we assume here that you will track a lead or new customer on your website, when they submit some information, such as an email to you in order to be contacted.
  • We also assume you will manage the lead after it is created using a Customer Relation Management software (CRM, eg. Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, etc.).
  • Basically, a lead is processed by Tapfiliate as any conversion, with the difference being that (most likely) there is no payment involved yet. The lead is then tracked as a 0-amount conversion
  • Using our basic JavaScript integration, you can hardcode a 0 in the section corresponding to the conversion amount
  • You will also need to use a unique customer ID for the external conversion ID, something similar to a lead id or an hashed lead email.
  • If you want to create a commission for this action, most of our clients tracking leads offer a fixed amount commission (therefore, independent of the conversion amount).
  • After this, you need then to connect your CRM to Tapfiliate. Since the flow in your CRM is independent from your website and our tracking code, you need to establish that connection using Zapier or webhooks + our API.
  • When the status of the lead changes from lead to (paid) customer, this change should trigger an action that will search for the initial conversion with 0 amount in Tapfiliate using our API, searching by external ID (eg. lead id) and add a commission to that conversion.
  • The result is a nice and neat flow, where you see all the data form that customer life cycle in one conversion: the initial lead tracked, and the commission derived from the lead to becoming a paid customer (plus the standard data related to program, affiliate, click referrer, any possible MLM commissions, etc).

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