The best way to handle multiple currencies is to create separate programs for each currency, since currencies are set per program. The reason why this is so is because our software cannot discriminate between currencies in a transaction; it will only retrieve conversion data and assign commission in the program's set currency. 

There are two ways in which you can manage multiple currencies:

  • If you use different currencies on different websites, you can set up separate programs for each. You have to make sure that you don't have a currency switcher on your website mixing the currencies. The only downside here is that affiliates will not be able to have one link for all possible audiences/currencies and will only be able to promote to one audience/currency at a time.
  • If your currencies are all on the same website, you can choose one base currency and recalculate to the original currency on your end. Eg. You can use currency Points (PTS) and then recalculate to the correct currency when you execute the payout. Adding currency metadata to the conversion would make this easier - metadata implies a small modification to the tracking code, which a developer can help set up for you. 

If the currency converter on your website mixes currencies, this could cause problems for you. The best way to remedy this issue is to choose one base currency and perform your recalculations based on that base currency.

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