Looking at the tracking options may be slightly confusing if you're not already familiar with their specific differences and use cases. Below, you'll find all tracking methods we offer, explained in detail.

Query String

Is a direct link installed with our default JavaScript tracking codes.
The query string method will make your links appear as: https://your-site.com/?ref=johndoe if you have referral codes enabled.
If referral codes are not enabled, the affiliate links will be generated as https://your-site.com/?a=123-abc&tap_s=345-def.

The numbers and letters at the end of the link, are tracking parameters.


Just like the Query String tracking method, the Hash tracking method is also a direct link (not through the server) which is installed with our default JS code.
It looks like this: https://your-site.com/#a=123-abc&tap_s=345-def

There are some websites that don't recognize/allow Query String parameters. You could use the Hash tracking method to get past that.


If you're handing the tracking on your end, for example in combination with the API, you can use the custom tracking method. You can customize these links however you like!

You would need to use the custom tracking method if you create vanity links for your affiliates, for example.

Looking to switch tracking methods? This is explained here.

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