To conduct payouts to affiliates, click "Prepare payout lines" on the payouts page. This will add all commissions to be paid per affiliate. 

When the 'Payable' filter is applied (like in the screenshot above), you can see and easily mark whether an affiliate has been paid or not by marking a payout as 'unpaid' or clicking 'mark as paid'.

On this page, you can also export the payout lines for payment. The downloaded .csv can then be used to make the payouts via your chosen payout method. 

Please note that if you're exporting the list of payouts for mass payments via PayPal, you must select 'PayPal mass payments (CSV)'. For any other use, select 'Tapfiliate (CSV)'.

To see a breakdown of the commissions that make up the payout amount for a specific affiliate, click on the amount. This will take you to an overview of the payout details. 

It is also possible to view previously paid commissions, by clicking on the filter in the top right corner and switching this to 'archived'. 

It's good to keep in mind that all affiliates without a defined payout method will automatically receive an email reminding them to set up their payment details when you click 'prepare payout lines. 

Note: If you're using the new Payments page, you can find out more about how to settle balances here

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